Syarat & tarikh bayaran BR1M 2015

You can update your info to receive BR1M allowances in the early of December 2014. The exact day of open registration of BR1M 2015 is yet to be announced by the official party, but it’s confirmed that it will be open before end of this year.

The qualified applicants shall be able to receiving the money when the aid is starting to give out January 2015.

You either can manually submit the borang permohonan offline or do it online, including those who wanted to just kemaskini your details (latest home address and bank account number). Borang BR1M 2015 can be obtained from the following agencies :

  • Any branches of LDHN
  • Federal Development Department
  • Department of Social Welfare
  • Department of Information and government agencies
  • Head of villages (Penghulu)

Syarat & tarikh bayaran BR1M 2015

You must be a :

  • Malaysian
  • Man or woman who is the head of a household / members of a household which altogether earn less than RM4000 a month
  • Alone elderly who aged 60 years and above who earn less than RM4000 a month
  • Single who aged 21 years and above who earn less than RM2000 a month
Type of Beneficiary Monthly Income Bayaran BR1M Tarikh Bayaran (2015)
Household / Family ≤ RM3000 RM950 RM300 – Jan

RM300 – May

RM350 – Sep

≤ RM3000 -RM4000 RM750 RM200 – Jan

RM200 – May

RM350 – Sep

Single / individual ≤ RM2000 RM350 RM350 – Jan

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If you’re a previous benefiter doesn’t mean you qualified automatically to receive BR1M in 2015, because it’s requirement based. For example you received BR1M last time but this year you had a pay raised and earn RM2100 monthly, means you’re no longer qualified for the single category.

All students is not eligible for BR1M, check out BB1M instead.

If you’d submitted your info online last year, you need no to re-apply but it’s advisable to log in and make sure all your details is correct to avoid any mistake before the distribution date, especially your bank account number.

Note that you cannot use your bank account twice, each bank account is tied to one person only. Do not use one bank account twice.

If you have any problem or question, visit the contact page.

* Updated 28 November :