Semakan status BR1M 2015 online

Perhaps this year (2015), the online BR1M system has improved. Last year we received thousand of inquiries regarding how to do Semakan BR1M. We have to tell the fact that officially you can only wait and check your bank account, semakan BR1M is not available online during BR1M 3.0.

It’s an aid and we have no right to whine on how it’s going to implement and distribute but we really hope that the government will try their best to ensure a flawless processing flow.

Meanwhile in today news reported, the elite groups were asked not to question the government to continue to distribute the BR1M 2015 because it’s only aim to help the worthy recipients.

Base on our observation and response we received, most people are happy that the BR1M has been increased by RM300 for households earning below RM3,000 (RM650 to RM950) and below RM4,000 (RM450 to RM750).

If you had received BR1M last time, as we mentioned here, not all succeeded application of last time are automatically eligible to receive BR1M 2015, feel free to log in and recheck your details.  Carefully check the new requirement to avoid false expectation:

Semakan BR1M 2015

Last year we pointed 3 ways you can check your status, however it’s a painful experience and we had received many complains in our facebook page saying the phone line is always busy and often there was no picking up to answer callers’ call, and the email response rate is terrible, it took weeks to receive ‘excuses type’ of reply.

semakan br1m 2015

That was a technical error caused the people to do their semakan BR1M, but perhaps the officer will fix that on the right time. We shall keep updating this post form time to time to let you know the links and guide.

When is the registration of BR1M 2015 open?

- Early of December 2014. We’ll announce the date in our Facebook page.

How to fill in borang BR1M online?

- Here’s a step by step guide how to fill the form online.

What should you do as an existing benefiter?

- For those who’d submitted your details, and if you’re still valid for this time requirement, you need no to re-apply and you shall received the aid directly into your bank during on the distribution period.

What document you need to apply?

(i)       MyKad and

(ii)      MyPR/Passport for wife / husband (if needed)

How about semakan status BR1M 2015?

We’ll update the link here once we got that

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