Successful life requires you to accomplished these 3 tasks

Guo Tai-Ming, (or Terry Guo) a Taiwanese tycoon who used to work in a rubber factory, grinding wheel factory and pharmaceutical factory. How did he do that?

The story of Guo Tai-Ming
You will be rewarded with a successful life if you can accomplish these 3 tasks in your life.

‘ My father was a police officer and of course a good father. He taught us to be contented and happy with what we have and not to take things that are not belonged to us. We didn’t have our own house, all we had was a wicker chair, but we didn’t consider ourselves as a poor person.’ said Guo Tai-Ming. According to him, the ways we should behave are the following :

Wide tolerance
A wide tolerance can be wider than the vast sea and the broad sky. Achievement in life is mostly determined by one’s tolerance of other people.

We build ourselves up daily through the events that occur in our lives. In other words, we are the teachers to ourselves who make us educated. Self-cultivation is not a restriction, but a liberty.

Respect the others’ point of view
For success, 15% is dependent on competence and 85% is dependent on the way you behave under certain circumstance.

Live by life principles
Games are fair because of the established rules and even we have certain principles in our lives which we comply with. The purposes of having life principles are to better ourselves and our lives. On top of that, life principles also help to complete our personalities and to discover the value of life.

‘I have an unyielding personality, I challenge myself by choosing the hardest work to do. My targets will be achieved within the expected time. You will pull it off if you are willing improve yourself to a better level. In most cases, you are defeated by yourself not by your rivals, because you choose to give up when things get tough.’ said Guo Tai-Ming.

The way we do things :
The are many people who do not have a job in this world, while those who have a job do not take it serious. Attitude decides everything.

Any act that is done repeatedly for a several times became a habit. Everything has two sides, even for habit, it has good and bad sides. Although having a good habit does not bring us any significant benefits immediately but we will be benefited from it in the long run. Having a bad habit only prejudices our chances of becoming successful.

We might be defeated but we do not despair. If we remain focused and keep striving for success. Regardless of how many failures we have, keep trying by trial and error with the unyielding perseverance and tenacious faith, we will eventually succeed and win the future.

Majority of people did not succeed in doing something mainly because they lack drive and were not bold enough to strive for what they wanted. Do not lose your drive while you chase your dream.

Guo Tai-Ming

‘My factory  had a power shortage in China, fortunately it did not last long.  An officer who worked in an electric company in China recognized me and knew that I donated much money to his home town. Therefore, we had the priority to get the power supply first. After I heard this news, I was gratified. There was a time I went to Man Hua and had some rice noodles, the owner recognized me and told me that she got a lot of money through buying my stocks. I was very happy and motivated when I heard that.’ said Guo Tai-Ming.

On making the right friends

1. Criteria
What are your criteria before making new friends? Certainly those who have a common interest and an ambition.

2. Loyalty
It is essential to be honest and loyal to friends. Make friends with people based on trust allows you to understand the true meaning of friendship.