6 smart ways to spend your BR1M

You may ask what can be done with RM350? Many people disbelieve the little amount of BR1M 2015. This can be seen even before the distribution of the money, as people are whining the amount is too little and doesn’t help much.  But that small money will produce great values if you spend it smartly on the right things.

Instead of complaining the GST why not we think a bit more how to use the BR1M wisely. It’s funny to see some people bought unnecessary items with BR1M and then blame on the government when they have financial shortage.  Chris Gardner once broke and homeless, but eventually he became one of the most well-known CEO and was earning billions. What is your excuses to complain? Time to fix your mindset and move on.

6 smart ways to spend your BR1M

1. Paying on outstanding stuffs

  • Clear outstanding utilities bills like water,  electric and internet bill.
  • Pay JPJ summons.

2. A new car / motorbike  tire

At least you need to change your car tire once a year, why not do it on early month of a new year? Also sending your vehicle to workplace for a maintenance is not a bad idea, as a problematic car consumes more fuel on the road.

3. Few books

Again, expecting RM350 to have impact is stupid. Go to book store and grab some books to read. If you’re good at something, by zero capital you can start a business.  Book is even more important for a young working adult. Diverse or sharpen your skill set will promise a pay raise in the future. 

Recommend reading : RIch Dad Poor Dad to increase your financial IQ



4. Pay back to relatives

It’s just the right time to receive BR1M in early of the year because the Chinese New Year is around corner. Spend your BR1M as an angpao to the elderly is an act of dutiful. For those who didn’t celebrate Chinese New Year, perhaps you can bring a hamper or some gifts back to hometown to pay your parents a visit.


6. For school new semester

As parent, you should get your children equipped with necessary school stationeries. RM300 is enough for 3 set of new school uniform, beg and shoe. Spending money on education is not a frugal spending but a kind of investment. How about a new glass for your kid’s vision?

6. Just save it u

For br1m bujang 2015 you only receive once this year. If you don’t have urgent financial needs it’s good just put the money in the bank for later use.

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