Open letter of a Bujang on BR1M 2015

I’m Mohd Safi, 25, a bujang (single) originating from Kedah and I’m still looking for a permanent stay in kuala lumpur. In this article I would like to express my views on Bujang BR1M 2015 which will be given by the government very soon.

Firstly I would like the responsible one to know that not all of the bujang in Malaysia are lazy and did not have a heart to advance. The reasons why we are struggling and complaining most of the time is because there are various factors that brought difficulties to us.

3 reasons Bujang BR1M is never enough

br1m bujang

1. Issues with fuel price

When the world fuel prices rise, the government gives that as reason to increase the nation’s fuel prices. Fine, but when world oil prices fell why the fuel price is not reduced? Understand that Malaysia is among the major oil producers in Asia. Why should we determine our nation’s fuel price according to the world market fuel price? Each country has their problems, but in Malaysia, as a fuel exporter we are facing problem with fuel price. How ridiculous is that.

If there is no technology to produce petrol, go do research and try to learn the technology. It’s much better than buying Lotus for Proton to slash money from the people.

2. Corrupted all the time

You may say Malaysia is rich but it’s correct also to say Malaysia is poor, because corruption is everywhere. We have mega-projects but how was the implementation and the results ? We had many 1Malaysia products, but the impact to the people cannot be seen by the people. Why the ideas doesn’t work?

I wonder why we often have many ideas but the result is not visible. Does the idea arose for certain intentions? Or the ideas are really to benefit people? Needless to mention how many millions in the news for this and that, because later the money will gone to somewhere and we produced cheap products because of limited budget.

3. Poor leaders

We as voters need experience and time in choosing their leaders in elections, and it is indeed a challenge of a democratic country like Malaysia. I was disappointed to see the way some of the ministers give opinions in social media.  Harsh and dirty words came from a minister’s twitter account. Is this the way a minister explains thing and communicate with the people?

This makes political observers into monkeys and caused they to support without having to think. Weak leaders is the main cause of a falling country, because their can bear the responsibility and make proper decision. Don’t say you propose BR1M bujang to help, we are not impressed. Because weak leaders waste more than help in using the nation fund.

BR1M three times a year would certainly help, but there are more things that the government of Malaysia should pay attention to for long term gain.