BR1M 2015: Kemaskini Maklumat Pemohon

You shall receive a notice letter by December to inform that you can update (Kemaskini Maklumat BR1M) your info for BR1M 2015.

A friendly reminder from us for those who insist to reject BR1M aid from the government. BR1M 2015 unlike the previous handout, because it’s reported that only children of BR1M applicants qualify to apply full loan for PTPTN.

If you wish to read bahasa about kemaskini BR1M can read the image below :

kemaskini maklumat br1m

Below is the content of that notice for those who didn’t received anything from LDHN.

BR1M 2015: Kemaskini Maklumat Pemohon

With full respect we would like to refer you to the matter as abovementioned.

2.    We are pleased to inform you that the application for BR1M 2015 will begin on 1st December 2014. To ensure that your application is processed accordingly, please make sure the following are included:

i. Partner’s/ dependant’s information
Latest corresponding address, to ensure that there will be no information lost.

ii. Applicant’s bank account information. For your information, the payment of BR1M 2015 will be made three (3) times per year.

iii. You are hereby advised to provide accurate information in order to ensure that the payment will be made directly to your bank account. The list of accepted banks/financial institution is attached at Appendix, and

iv. You are to be informed that recipient of BR1M 2015 which falls under the category of isi rumah and warga emas are also eligible to be considered to receive Skim Khairat Kematian (previously known as i-BR1M). Therefore, applicants which fall under these categories are required to provide information of their beneficiary’s information.

3    Applicants may update their respective information starting from 1st December 2014 until 31st December 2014 through the Official BR1M website or by the borang BR1M submit to any LDHN branches.

4.    Failure to update the abovementioned information may result your application form not being processed. For further inquiry, please contact our toll free hotline 1-800-88-2716.

Is Kemaskini BR1M 2015 a must for existing BR1M applicant? No, but it’s advisable that all previous succeed applicants to recheck your details in the portal. Important information like material status and personal bank detail are crucial for you to receive BR1M payment which the first batch will start to distributed starting 28 of January 2015.