Many still prefer to receive BR1M Incentive

Although there were many criticisms regard to abolishment of the subsidized RON95, our PM Najib gave few solid reasons why the action is good for future. He said through the subsidy savings, the government would be able to increase the allocations specifically for the development for the country.

“Just imagine we save up to RM10 to RM20 billion every year. From there we will have extra provisions for the other important sectors, to strengthen the socio-economic development for the country.

“Other critical fields like agriculture, rural development, education and health are the core fields for a nation to move forward, which could also directly bringing impacts to the welfare of the people.”

“So do not blame the government when price of the fuel goes up, b ecause this is beyond the control of any government now, it all depends on world market prices,” he said.

He also added many people still hope to receive BR1M and the result has not surprised him.

br1m syarat 4

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“wherever I go, I can see clearly that the people still want BR1M to continue.”

“It is because BR1M is a good example of targeted subsidy. We saved up through cutting general subsidy and we give BR1M and many more targeted incentives to like housing aid (PR1MA) and education (BB1M),”

“And we want to ease the people’s burden through BR1M. In the end, the money still goes back to the people.”

He also stressed that BR1M is not a kind of vote-buying subsidy, it will stop when the time come. He said the people need BR1M during the transition period of GST implementation and it’s one of the best solution to help the poor counter the rising cost of living for that period of time. Najib said the reason why he’s actively use the social media is to listen to the voices of the people.

“But this (BR1M) is not going to be continued when one day our income improved. At that time we don’t even need BR1M anymore,” Najib said.

However in the end of his closing words, he said he will always revised and evaluate others’ opinion from other parties about the government actions, as to ensure it has the best effect for the people and nation.