Poor residents live without problems with BR1M

Poor residents in Malaysia could live without financial problems for their basics because of the BR1M incentive.

This is a guest post by someone who like to be anonymous. I feel thankful to introduce myself as one of the fulfilled receivers of the financial aid namely BR1M.

I have been living in George Town, Penang. I lost my left leg in a road accident that happened two decades ago. Due to that accident, I could not work as I had worked before. I tried some businesses with the financial support from local lenders. However, I failed to make profits since I had different needs and pain. I had decided to choose a work that suitable to my physique. Now, I have been working in a small-scale company. I received RM950 BR1M since I have been getting less than RM2000 from my work.

I felt satisfied as soon as I heard about the Prime Minister Najib Razak devised the BR1M to help households who earn less than RM3000 per month. Even though I had seen pros and cons of many government programs, I did not see how the government can give the financial support like today’s government. I had received BR1M from the commencement to today.

In the previous BR1M giving, I had only received RM500. But now, I feel happy to receive RM950 through the BR1M 4.0 this year. My friends and neighbors may think about how I can manage today’s living expenses since the ever increasing prices of commodities. Thanks to that extra bit of money letting me to leverage my financial expenses wisely. Even though I am a single (I did not married since my health problem caused by a road accident), I cannot fulfill my financial expenses with merely my salary.

I feel lucky whenever I receive the BR1M financial support. I have different financial needs like foods, energy bills, clothes, medical expenses, and other essential things that I need to survive in my routine life. I do not bother about the price of petrol since I cannot drive a vehicle. I ensure that many people who receive BR1M do not get any difficulty with increasing prices of petrol and other fuels because they need to survive in the high living society rather than take a ride on a luxury vehicle.

I expect the financial support does not stop hereafter. This financial support has to be increased further so as to poor residents like me can survive. As compared to reducing prices of petrol to increase welfare of rich people who have the most luxurious vehicles and owners of energy companies, this is worthwhile to increase the financial aid through BR1M in the upcoming days.

I personally request the government to increase the standard of living of poor residents is very essential when compared to improving wealth of rich people. People in the rich community never get worried about changes in the prices of commodities since they have enough money to fulfill their expectations. However, poor people like me depend on the financial aid programs. I petition for the best improvement in the BR1M in the future to support poor people.

The people can apply / update BR1M in the coming December.