5 tips doing Kemaskini BR1M

It has been 3 days the registration and kemaskini BR1M opened but surprisingly we received mostly complains in our facebook page. The applicants unlike last year, who was more clam and rational on the issues of overloaded online BR1M system. As most of the recipients of BR1M 2015 are existing applicants, we expect they know the limitation and difficulties of the government handling a major event but it seems to be the opposite based on the response we’ve heard.

There are more than 7 millions online citizens who wanted to access to the portal so it’s reasonable that the system sometime collapsed due to run out of resources and capacity. So we wrote 5 tips for those of you who’re having hard time doing kemaskini BR1M.

Kemaskini BR1M 2015


1. Be patient

– Be patient and need no to rush fo r the application or kemaskini as it’s still early to get it done. The period of open registration and kemaskini BR1M is until end of this month (Dec 2014). As long as you’re qualified, others cannot occupied your right and portion.

2. Stop refreshing

– If the server freeze please don’t keep refreshing the page because it doesn’t help to bring the site back to normal. The server became overloaded because it’s having excessive requests. Moreover the server is not hosting a static website so if you’re stuck for 30 min in the middle of your application or kemaskini, exist the website and try again later. It’s a safer way and wise choice to not to force the system to perform stressed operation, to avoid the system to only receive partial information of yours.

3. Access during non-peak hours

From our observation, the peak hour is from 11am-1pm. Perhaps many working candidates is trying to get their kemaskini done during their lunch hour, so try to avoid the queue with the crowd. The less jam period is around 6-8am, 3-4pm and 10pm-12am. 

4. Use a PC

Mobile has weaker signal thus it may unable open the online system fully. Also the site is not responsive to have the best view and not mobile friendly.

kemaskini br1m 2015

5. Help each other

Do a favor for your family member or relatives. The time to apply or kemaskini BR1M for this year is the shortest ever compared to the previous sessions. So do helps them out even you have done yours. The government encourage more people to use the electronic infrastructure to ease the fund transaction in the future.

Have you updated your BR1M? Failure to kemaskini BR1M shall result in failure to receive BR1M, do take this matter seriously.