Government is implementing BR1M Card

In 2012, BR1M opens only for low-income earner but the scheme has broaden its audience. The financial aid starts to target young working adult who’s aged 21 year-old and above as well. Lately, the government is considering to prepare BR1M card for all the benefiters in the future.

Although the government put a lots of effort into improving this scheme, the opposition parties are still trying to accuse by blaming the government is trying to bride the citizen for the sake of their votes. They claim BR1M is a kind of political game to gain supporters.

“To improve the distribution of BR1M, the government will do a detailed research on the BR1M Card.” Said Deputy of Finance Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong.

This is because the people can spend their money to buy groceries and avoid wastage. Datuk Chua stressed that the government should take into account the needs of the citizens and the current infrastructure before introduce the BR1M Card.

He also stated that this BR1M Card is eligible to qualified individuals regardless their race, religion and political backgrounds.

He ended the interview with a statement sayings the government from time to time, is always seeking for the best way to help to ease the burden of low-income people in the face of rising cost of living.

Attention to all BR1M 2015 applicants :

1. All transactions is through bank in.
2. Only personal bank is accepted. Do not use a joint account or your account that’s under any companies to apply BR1M 2015.
3. BR1M 2015 supports 17 banks.
4. The ‘beneficiary field’ is mandatory in order to receive i-BR1M.
5. If you’re married, you must enter the name of your husband / wife.
6. You can fill in the form in nearby LDHN or any related institutions but you have to bear the long queue.
8. Permohonan online is the easiest method.
9. The closing date of BR1M 2015 is on 31/12/2014.