BRIM 2015 to distribute starting 28 January

For those who are qualified as a BRIM (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) receiver, you may receive the first payment on the 28 January of 2015. Most of the transaction of BRIM 2015 will be done through online banking. To ensure every candidates to participate in receiving the payment through bank, the government had urged the applicants to open a bank account and submit their bank detail online. There are more than 17 supported banks, check out this bank list.

It’s good to standardize the payment method, so that the receivers will need not to queue to get and redeem the vouchers. However we believe the payment in January next year will not delivered to all benefiters on one day, as in the statement said the money will be giving out beginning 28 of Jan, so don’t be panic if you do not receive the aid on the first day. Also you might know your result earlier as they are processing your registration, see this post on how to check BRIM status.

A reminder to especially those warga emas (elders) applicants, you shall not use your relatives’ bank account to register BRIM, because it’s against the rule. You are advised to open a new account (if you don’t possesed any), that by your own name. It’s fine to ask somebody to submit the form for you but don’t expect double portions of the payment to be credited in one same bank account.

If you want to cancel your BRIM applicant, you can fill up the Borang BK-13 and submit together with a copy of your IC to related departments.

january brim payment

For the household category who qualified for the BRIM RM950 and RM750, you shall only get RM200 in January 2015. While the individual receiver shall receive one-time payment of RM350.

While for the i-BR1M, the claim can be made before 31 March 2015. Simply fill up this form. Any question can email to [email protected]