7 traits of a successful person by Jack Ma

In December 2015, Jack Ma of Alibaba group had just outranked Li Ka ShingLi Ka Shing to become Asia No.1 richest. He’s a world class speaker especially in speaking of motivating speech and sharing self-development knowledge on the stage.

“The first step is to choose and the second step is to insist. The following third and forth steps are still to insist. Always look on the bright side. “

Although it may not be as easy as you think, but that is why many people often give up easily. You may not know that difficulties and challenges are actually the agent that make you to become more mature. Turn those negativities into strength. Appreciate failure too because every challenge is an opportunity to make yourself shine.

7 traits of a successful person by Jack Ma

  • Always stick together with the team from the beginning to the end. A company will particularly train people who are always there.
  • Positive prospect of the team.
  • Ceaselessly seeking the best position for himself because he himself knows best what he is good at.
  • In order to achieve the team’s new target, he will keep learning and improving himself for the challenge.
  • Strong resistance to pressure and patient. The first step of solving a problem is to be not pressurized.
  • Work together with the team for the same goal. He who does not concern himself with his personal loss and gain will be able to look after the entire team.
  • An ambitious and a strong willed person. Someone who seeks improvements and makes new breakthrough. He will be capable of leading the team.
  • A person would just never give up his dream


    After owning these traits you may ask what’s next? Jack also suggested that you need both good friends and enemies.

    jack ma successful traits

    Life without friends are incomplete. As we all get older, we have more to do. Our lives are so occupied with our busy schedules that estrange us from our friends. During your free time, send a cordial message to a couple of good friends and meet them once in a while to keep them close with you. When our friends are in trouble, we must help them without asking something from them in return. Wait until one day you really need their help, you’ll be surprised how many of them are standing by your side.  

    On enemies, competition is essential to produce positive change and it will lead to more developments. We improve through difficulties, frustration, disappointment and all the other negativities. With the presence of the foes, we contest even zealously for success. With an unyielding determination, we strain to do our work well or even better.