If you have these friends, do not let them go

Those who show you endless support
If there is someone who shows you endless support and believes in you wholeheartedly, you are blessed to have this person in your life.

Those who warn you when you are about to make a mistake
They warn you because they do not want you to repeat the same mistake which they have made in their past. They concern about you because they love you and care about you. They will give you advices and encourage you to move forwards. They are your teachers in life.

Those who are with you through bad and good times
Blessed are those who will be within your reach when you are in need of help, while most people will choose to walk out and only be by your side when you are useful to them.

Those who enlighten you
They see your strong point and also your weakness. They will always enlighten you when you are confused or do not understand something and will never ignore you. Better yourself and enlighten other people like those who do the same for you.

Those who see your talent
Blessed are those who see your talent and appreciate you instead of being jealous of you or bear a grudge against because you are talented in something. Will you be able to admire a talented person without being a green eyed monster?

Those who can be your role model
People who do not brag themselves and do not want any attention while doing something big. They despise big talk and prefer more action. They are competent and will not be arrogant. Follow their paths and you will know how lucky you are to have them around you.

Those who keep their promises
They would not break their promises if they promised you something. They do not promise things which are beyond their grasp. It is the exact same thing you must learn from them. Know your limit before you make any promises to someone, because breaking a promise is tantamount to destruction of your own reputation. A promise is irrevocable, once you make a promise, regardless of how difficult it is, you have to fulfil it.

Those who choose to believe you
Have you ever asked yourself if you have trusted someone at all cost until this person is proven to be guilty? This is the same thing that can happen to you. If you have someone who trusts you at all cost, do not let this friend go.

Those who are mad at you but still care a lot about you.
Being mad does not simply mean they hate you, on the contrary, it means they still love you and care a lot about you. You must have done something that upsets them a lot, otherwise they will not bother themselves to be mad at you. The opposite of love is not hate but is indifference. Imagine if they did not love you any more, what would they be mad at you? The answer is they still care a lot about you. If you are indifferent to someone, that means you no longer love or care about this person. So, be grateful to those who still concern themselves about you.

Those who help you unconditionally.
If you have someone who is willing to do anything for you without asking anything in return, you are indeed a very lucky person.