Pesawat AirAsia QZ8501 Hilang

An aircraft of AirAsia Indonesia crashed into the east coast of Sumatera, the news reported.

Indonesian Ministry of Transportation official media quoted that the AirAsia plane – QZ8501 went missing since t  his morning at the time of 7:17am. The flight was flying from Surabaya to Singapore.

In AirAsia’s Facebook page, a dark color logo were uploaded after the company confirmed the incident. At 7:24 (23:24 GMT), the plane lost contact with the air traffic control. The plane had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact and that the weather had been cloudy.

AirAsia QZ8501 Crashed

AirAsia has confirmed the model of the flight, known as Airbus A320-200, with a registration number of PK-AXC. The airplane company claims that the current search and rescue operation is ongoing, with relevant search assistants and other rescue operations.

AirAsia has set up an emergency call center, telephone: +622129850801. The family members or friends of the passengers can dial the hotline for the latest progress.

airasia plane crashed

Pesawat AirAsia QZ8501 Hilang

The passenger onboard by nationality :

  • Indonesia: 149
  • Korea : 3
  • Singapore : 1
  • UK :1
  • Malaysia: 1

There were 155 passengers on board, with 138 adults, 16 children and one infant, the company said in a statement. Also on board were two pilots and five cabin crew.

Radar map tracker of QZ8501

Live update can following this link.