Members received BR1M payment as earlier as 12/1

Some of the members from our BR1M Facebook page reported that they had gotten their BR1M payment through bank this morning. So far, banks which were paying as earlier as 12th January included CIMB, RHB, Maybank and BSN.

However some Maybank users still did not received anything yet. Majority mem bers from Sabah and Sarawak also has yet to receive the BR1M aid. You can check your BR1M status to know the result of your application. If your result shows ‘dalam proses’, it doesn’t mean you will not receive anything. Some of the members claimed they received the money in their bank although the system says it’s still processing it. So just go and check your bank through online banking.

Note that payment’s priority is given to those states which effected by flood, reported in our previous article.


br1m 2015

According to the above picture which we got from our facebook’s member, banks except above mentioned banks – CIMB, Bank Rakyat, Bank Islam and Bank Muamalat, the BR1M payment is dated on 13 – 14 onward.

So far there’s yet any announcement for those who failed in their application. The good thing is you can still apply or update before end of January 2015.

Below are the ideas how you should spend your BR1M 2015 from our community members :

1. For new resolution for year 2015

– Get a gym membership

– Join self-improvement and related Classes

– Save for further travel

– For Chinese New year preparation

2. For Kids

– Pay for their tuition classes

– Buy them references books

– Prepare them new stationary for coming new semester

3. Saving and Investment

– Put it into FD (fixed deposit account)

– Invest to learn Forex trading or any kind of high risk investment scheme

– Pay PTPTN Debt

Anything doubts call BR1M hotline at 1-800-88-2716 or Finance Ministry at 03-8882 4565, 03-8882 4566.