Thank you for BR1M said recipients

Due to new challenges in the new year and the increase of cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, many of the recipients of BR1M are grateful for the BR1M handout which has been starting to distribute the last 15th  of this month. 

Halijah said BR1M has helped her in acquiring medical assistances and reduces the burden to raise her kids.

“It’s good that the BR1M is given stage by stage as the economy of our country is not stable. If it’s given one time, the money will be gone very fast.” said Halijah.

Another receipient Halmiah, 63, said the RM950 this time has increased his saving amount that will be used for emergency.

“It’s like we get RM300 today, later we will have another payment coming in. It’s very effective to plan how to use that fund for good.”

br1m 2015 Januari

R Nandiri, 40 , said  the giving of BR1M is at the right time because the cost of living pressured her due to the economy for this year is seeing a slow growth.

“Prices of goods go up, and we need to shop for many things to prepare my children for school, that’s tough. This BR1M initiative shows the government is concerned and aware of the plight of the people. ” She said.

However according to Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan, there were about 87,228 people eligible for BR1M but did not claim the payment, amounting to a total of RM40 million. The money will be channeled to the Consolidated Fund. He reminds the people BR1M will last five years as pledged by BN in the GE13. He added BR1M not only help to reduce the cost of living, but would expands the local economy of the county.