Minority to receive BR1M voucher until end of March

1Malaysia People’s Assistance (BR1M) is likely to be spread from 15 Jan to all the recipients who had been updating their info during the end of last year.

The application of BR1M however is still opening until the end  of next month. The primary payment on January 15, involving 4.9 million people while the circulation will be on 12 Feb, which is likely to cover about 2.9 million recipients.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan commented the messages which distributed via WhatsApp was untrue, regarding particular banks like Bank Rakyat and Bank CIMB will deliver BR1M earlier, on 11 January.

“Someone has mislabeled as our Prime Minister and made falsely statements. CIMB Bank account holders were checking their account as early as January 11 and found that the BR1M is not been credited. They berated at the government,”

Meanwhile, Ahmad also claimed, a tiny fraction of the users who do not have bank account submitted may obtain their BR1M in the type of vouchers from 17 Jan to 31 March 2015.

br1m febuary 2015

“Regarding the i-BR1M, recipients can start to head to the National Savings Bank (BSN) with own identity card and death certification,” he said.

We’ll post more info about rayuan BR1M. So far there are yet many who haven’t gotten their money, although the system stated them a valid BR1M applicant.