BR1M is not an indicator of poverty

The giving out of BR1M to the recipients  who receive in voucher form has started. About 600 citizen in Batu Pahat received their first phase of payment. The giving  out involved mostly senior citizen; meanwhile many had gotten their incentives through banking.

Datuk Noraini said she hopes the receivers can appreciate the aid and use it wisely.  She stressed the main purpose of this giving out is to reduce the burden of the people. The government hopes with this aid the people would be able to get the goods of their daily needs. She hopes the money will be used for daily expenses of family members, but not on unnecessary things. 

“Although there’re 3 times BR1M payment (Jan/Feb, May and September), but it still have to be spend with planning. “

She added BR1M is not a sign for property, but a sincerely giving from the government. BR1M this year come with RM50 insurances, which the people can claim if any accidents happen.

She is confident that BR1M will increase yearly in the future by the government. 

On the other sides in Lapis, from 14,000 BR1M there are only 200 who don’t posses a bank account. Datuk Chua Tee Yong hopes to see the number to decrease so that in the future the delivery process can be more efficient.