7.2 million Permohonan BR1M lulus

7.2 million Malaysian got their permohonan BR1M approved (lulus). Datuk Chua who is the Deputy Finance Minister said 7.2 million application approved out of 8.4 million applicants for permohonan BR1M 2015.

Selangor state had received the most at RM726 million ringgit. The total distribution for all applicants had cost RM 5.2 billion ringgit.

Negeri Sembilan and Perlis had the least numbe r of successful applicants with 293,313 and 77,993 respectively.

“it will stimulate both the rural economy and small and medium enterprises as these households will consume products that’s sold in the local community,“ Chua said.

Chua said out that 94% of the 500,000 who failed and appealed in 2014 were subsequently approved for BR1M 2015.

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He added those who have difficulties getting their BR1M approved can appeal at LDHN. BR1M febuary giving is believed to finish according to the update of BR1M 3.0 page :