Contest BR1M 2016 : RM500 to be won!

For an improved BR1M 2016, All bloggers are invited to play a part in contributing a couple of ideas or further thoughts with regards to the BR1M aid, which considered will still be made possible by the government in the upcoming years. Bloggers, you now have the opportunity to show to the world just how creative your thoughts are and inspire those who are struggling to live.. as being the has taken this opportunity to finance a contest.

br1m 2016 (2)

The main goal of this contest would be to heighten the awareness among the BR1M users on exactly how crucial financial education is and does that helps in order to live comfortably.

How this contest will work

Bloggers will have to get their creative juices flowing if they plan on becoming the winner of this competition. Winners will be selected according to their content provided. In other words, those bloggers that has the most creative blog post will be announced as the winner.


3 winners can expect to walk away with the amazing prize of RM500 cash. There will be also 5 extra prizes included to 7 bloggers as a consolation prize. These bloggers will each receive RM50 cash.


In terms of the contest, bloggers should write creative content about the BR1M, in which they can voice their opinion about the BR1M.This, can include matters such as:

  • Investing with BR1M
  • 5 ways you should spend your BR1M
  • The pros and cons of BR1M
  • Ideas for a more effective BR1M in 2016
  • How government should apply BR1M

or any topic that related to financial topic that can you think may help those who are receiving BRIM.

The blog post can be in the following languages: English, Malay and Chinese.

Credits are going to be given according to originality and creativity as well as how useful the article will be to our readers. The competition only has about 50 submission at most. We will declare door close once the slots is filled and will begin with the review procedure.  All winners will receive their prize within 7 days after the competition has ended. Announcement of the winners will be announce in our facebook page.

Create a link as credit back us with the anchor ‘BR1M’, eg  BR1M. And for bloggers that will write in the Malay language, please use BRIM as anchor text for the linkback, like this : BRIM.

Participants can send the link of their blog post to [email protected] to participate today.