Items price drop after GST

GST is going to go to live after April onward. Before April there will be many vouchers or brochures reaching to you. But do you know there are items that will not only being sell without GST, but promised a price drop after the GST implementation period?

This is because for certain items the sales and service tax are higher than the 6% GST. Our minister of finance Ahmad bin Haji Maslan through twitter has announced 20 items that will become cheaper after GST. 

20 items price drop after GST

Half of them are electronic goods, th is includes :

1. TV

2. Refrigerator


3. Air cond

4. Car accessories

5. Home theater / sound system

6. Hair dryer

7. Fan  

8. Microwave


9. Stoves (gas)


10. Iron

followed by towels toothbrush & toothpaste, pampers, carpet, perfumes, school stationeries, furniture, can drinks, imported fruits and important cars.

Here’s a bird eye view for categories of goods that are excluded from GST :

price drop gst