Cara Kemaskini BRIM 2017 Online

Kemaskini BRIM 207 Online is for those who had applied BR1M before; If you want to make a new application, refer to this post for guidance.

In this post we’ll show you how to update your details. One of the most popular question asked by our reader  – is it compulsory to kemaskini as my detail remain unchanged? So far from what we’d heard is that failure to kemaskini may result in your application being not processed. So we urge you all to remind each other to update before end of this month (December 2016).

We were  experiencing downtime accessing the website even on the first day, so we advise you not to visit at 12-1 pm and keep refreshing the site. Just wait until non-peak hour and try to open again.

Kemaskini BR1M 2017 Online

Open and click on ‘Kemaskini Permohonan’.

1. Key in your IC number to log in. The ‘Carian semula’ button is to reset the field.

2. After that you’ll be prompted the answer 2 security questions. The questions will be related to your previous submission – the given details by you last time. It can be your poskod, home telephone number, email etc. If you stuck here you can apply offline.

3. Reminder : You cannot kemaskini BR1M using a bank account that’s not under your name and for your relatives. Joint name account and enterprise type account are prohibited as well.

4. Fill in the Information about your family members. If you cannot see any drop down menu means you have no record with hasil, you have to visit ldhn by bringing a copy of your IC to kemaskini. If you’re not working key in ‘0’ for the filed of ‘pendapatan bulanan’.

5. Enter the anti spam captcha, then click ‘Kemas Kini’ and your Kemas kini BR1M 2017 is done!

Please ensure everything is correct before you hit the last button. You’ll receive a rejection letter if you have done any wrong like making duplicated submission from the same family member. 

* Printing is just for your own reference so it’s not compulsory.

The first payment for all category will be issued starting 28 January 2017. Please share this panduan kemaskini br1m 2017 to inform your friends / relatives!