Panduan Permohonan Baru BR1M 2017

Perhaps by this step by step panduan permohonan will assist you to get your br1m 2017 application done correctly online. Check if you are eligible to apply before you continue, we would like to let you know an important matter which is regarding the type of bank account you submit to receive BR1M.

You are not allow to use a joint bank account or your company bank account (like small business or enterprise account) as the system will match your name with the name you registered your bank.

For example a person named ‘Ali’ must use a bank account that is under ‘Ali’. This also means that you cannot use your bank account for any of your relatives.

One bank account should only be used once. If your grandmother or grandfather wish to apply but do not own any bank account, please register offline by submitting the borang br1m to LDHN.

Panduan Permohonan Baru BR1M 2017

Visit ebr1m website and click on ‘Permohonan Baru’. You shall find that link on the menu bar.

– If your IC is not valid, you have to bring your IC together with your partner and ‘tanggung’ if any to visit LDHN.

– If a dialog box pop-up showing permohonan telah wujud that’s mean you are an existing BR1M applicant. You need no to proceed to fill this form. You should update (kemaskini) your info.

Bank account is the most important field in this step. Also give your latest and reachable address. You can ignore fields that without the * symbol. Those are not mandatory information.

Fill ‘0’ if you have no income yet. If your marriage record is available to JPN, you can just click on the drop down menu and pick the right option; else you have to key in the detail manually. It’s a must to fill in your spouse IC , name and income if you are married.

Fill in the info for Skim Khairat  Kematian, previously known as i-BR1M. Every BR1M receiver qualified automatically to enjoy this benefit.

Next enter the verification code and click ‘send’.

Lastly check the agreement checkbox confirming you’re giving the correct details. There will be confirmation popup in the end. Then you’ll see all the fields became non-editable. Please check twice before you submit, you may have to change it manually in LDHN if you send the wrong data. Contact hasil if you have any question or doubt.

Inform your friends or relatives to register quickly before 31 December 2016. Unlike last year, permohonan for BR1M online 2017 only open for a month.

Regarding the BR1M 2017 payment date

It will be paid three times a year for households recipients and one time for individuals recipients. For individuals with income below RM2000, RM450 will be paid starting January 28, 2015.

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