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4 tempat paling berbaloi habiskan voucher BB1M

Voucher BB1M 2015 hampir siap diagih kepada pelajar universiti. Kelihatan berapa kedai buku gergasi sudah pun mula mengambil bahagian dalam mengadakan promo untuk tarik minat pelajar menghabiskan nilai RM250 voucher BB1M mereka. Khabar angin bahawa BBB1M boleh ditukar kepada wang tunai tidak kurang kencang ditiup juga, tapi tahukah anda tindakan sebegitu sebenarnya bukan sahaja melanggar undang-undang malah tindakan sebegitu sebenarnya merugikan.

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If you have these friends, do not let them go

Those who show you endless support
If there is someone who shows you endless support and believes in you wholeheartedly, you are blessed to have this person in your life.

Those who warn you when you are about to make a mistake
They warn you because they do not want you to repeat the same mistake which they have made in their past. They concern about you because they love you and care about you. They will give you advices and encourage you to move forwards. They are your teachers in life. Continue reading

Successful life requires you to accomplished these 3 tasks

Guo Tai-Ming, (or Terry Guo) a Taiwanese tycoon who used to work in a rubber factory, grinding wheel factory and pharmaceutical factory. How did he do that?

The story of Guo Tai-Ming
You will be rewarded with a successful life if you can accomplish these 3 tasks in your life.

‘ My father was a police officer and of course a good father. He taught us to be contented and happy with what we have and not to take things that are not belonged to us. We didn’t have our own house, all we had was a wicker chair, but we didn’t consider ourselves as a poor person.’ said Guo Tai-Ming. According to him, the ways we should behave are the following : Continue reading

5 tips to overcome fuel hike

The extra 20 sen per liter is nothing if you are aware of the proper ways driving your vehicles. Below is the top 5 working but rare mentioned tips on how you can save money on the road.

1. Schedule maintenance

This is important to keep your car at the best condition. Check major component like engine and tires to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Problematic car consume more 10% on the road, so send your car to the nearby workshop today.

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From homeless to a Linkedin Engineer: “Never say you can’t”

Meet Ricky Sidhu who was once a homeless guy now still chasing his dream to become a better front end engineer. He’s currently working in Linkedin as one of the most important technical guy. His path to Linkedin unlike others, he had a hard time as a teen.

He dreamed to become an engineer when he was young. But due to the lost of his father at the age of 14, he struggled with critical financial circumstances to get himself an education opportunity.

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