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Senarai barangan yang tidak dikenakan GST

Mulai 1 April 2015, GST dilaksanakan di Malaysia. Rata-rata barangan termasuk barang keperluan harian kelihatan kenaikan harga tetapi tahukah anda senarai barangan yang tidak dikenakan GST? Barangan dalam kumpulan yang dikecualikan GST ini digelar Zero-rated. Tujuan pengenalan pengecualian ini ialah untuk meringankan beban rakyat.

Berikut ialah barangan yang tidak dikenakan GST :

1. Bahan makanan keperluan harian seperti beras, gula, garam, tepung gandum, minyak masak, kicap dan sebagainya.

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Items price drop after GST

GST is going to go to live after April onward. Before April there will be many vouchers or brochures reaching to you. But do you know there are items that will not only being sell without GST, but promised a price drop after the GST implementation period?

This is because for certain items the sales and service tax are higher than the 6% GST. Our minister of finance Ahmad bin Haji Maslan through twitter has announced 20 items that will become cheaper after GST. 

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Thank you for BR1M said recipients

Due to new challenges in the new year and the increase of cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, many of the recipients of BR1M are grateful for the BR1M handout which has been starting to distribute the last 15th  of this month. 

Halijah said BR1M has helped her in acquiring medical assistances and reduces the burden to raise her kids.

“It’s good that the BR1M is given stage by stage as the economy of our country is not stable. If it’s given one time, the money will be gone very fast.” said Halijah.

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7 solid reasons to refuse BR1M 2015

We discourage you to claim your BR1M as if BR1M the only one thing that you think you’ll be dreaming about for the entire year of 2015. Fast cash is amazing to have but in order to achieve sustainable asset, definitely the handout will not help much in the long run for individuals. Previously we wrote 6 smart ways spending your BR1M, now let’s get some inspiration by reverse thinking the negative side of the short term free cash. Thanks to Dr. M in his blog he pointed out few solid reasons why he disagreed with the scheme. Continue reading

Government is implementing BR1M Card

In 2012, BR1M opens only for low-income earner but the scheme has broaden its audience. The financial aid starts to target young working adult who’s aged 21 year-old and above as well. Lately, the government is considering to prepare BR1M card for all the benefiters in the future.

Although the government put a lots of effort into improving this scheme, the opposition parties are still trying to accuse by blaming the government is trying to bride the citizen for the sake of their votes. They claim BR1M is a kind of political game to gain supporters.

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