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Najib : Saya terima wang untuk UMNO

Kontroversi 2.6 billion tidak hilang serta merta biarpun Najib telah membuat kenyataan bahawa wang tersebut merupakan suatu derma dari seorang individu. Identiti penderma tidak diketahui, menurut laporan penderma tersebut berasal dari negara timur tengah.

Najib dalam ucapan menekankan bahawa tiada wang rasuah dari IMDB disalurkan ke dalam beliau. Beliau berkata sumber kewangan parti pembangkang adalah kotor, wang-wang tersebut berasal dari tauke dan juga dari luar negara. Najib berkata beliau sudi bentang isu 2.6 billion dengan syarat pembangkang turut membentangkan sumber kewangan mereka.

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7 solid reasons to refuse BR1M 2015

We discourage you to claim your BR1M as if BR1M the only one thing that you think you’ll be dreaming about for the entire year of 2015. Fast cash is amazing to have but in order to achieve sustainable asset, definitely the handout will not help much in the long run for individuals. Previously we wrote 6 smart ways spending your BR1M, now let’s get some inspiration by reverse thinking the negative side of the short term free cash. Thanks to Dr. M in his blog he pointed out few solid reasons why he disagreed with the scheme. Continue reading

Many still prefer to receive BR1M Incentive

Although there were many criticisms regard to abolishment of the subsidized RON95, our PM Najib gave few solid reasons why the action is good for future. He said through the subsidy savings, the government would be able to increase the allocations specifically for the development for the country.

“Just imagine we save up to RM10 to RM20 billion every year. From there we will have extra provisions for the other important sectors, to strengthen the socio-economic development for the country. Continue reading

BR1M to continue until 2018

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan responded to the critics by Dr. Mahathir on the handout of BR1M. Dr. Mahathir pointed 14 points why the BR1M doesn’t help. One of the strongest saying is :

“..BR1M has more negative implications than that. It increases the tendency towards personal dependence on the Government even for one’s income, without any effort by oneself..”

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