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Pesawat AirAsia QZ8501 Hilang

An aircraft of AirAsia Indonesia crashed into the east coast of Sumatera, the news reported.

Indonesian Ministry of Transportation official media quoted that the AirAsia plane – QZ8501 went missing since t  his morning at the time of 7:17am. The flight was flying from Surabaya to Singapore.

In AirAsia’s Facebook page, a dark color logo were uploaded after the company confirmed the incident. At 7:24 (23:24 GMT), the plane lost contact with the air traffic control. The plane had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact and that the weather had been cloudy.

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Blood Moon Malaysia falls on 8 October 2014

Blood Moon, also as known as gerhana bulan can be seen on 8 October, Wednesday here in Malaysia. Malaysia uses the time zone of UTC +8:00 so the scene estimated will start from 5:15pm to night time 8:30pm.

For East Malaysia residents, moonrise is slightly early, at around 6:30pm the moon is clear in the sky. While in KL, the sunset only start to happen around 7:15pm, so you may only see the moon after 7:30pm, when the sun is fully gone from the sky.

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Recipients agreed to stop BR1M

Datuk Seri Hasan Malek made a statement regarding the new  fuel price hike will not burden the people. He supports and urge the people to trust on the prime minister as every movements is to strengthen the country’s economic.

He said that we all should wait for the good news in coming Bajet 2015 which is going to be presented by Najib next week. Despite GST and the new 20 sen fuel price hike, he urge all of us should be positive as we are toward to become a developed nation.

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No Ebola suspected in Sarawak at the moment

No Ebola suspected in Sarawak at the moment, claimed Director of Kesihatan Malaysia Dr Noor Hisham. He made that statement in the replying to a news report by Malay Mail in 15 September.

The news reported a 24 year-old man from Zimbabwe could be infected by Ebola virus. The man is one of a foreign student who’s currently studying in IPTS in Sarawak. He was having high fever and throat infection and having treatment in Hospital Umum Sarawak.

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Water disruption areas KL Selangor December 2013

To get the latest update regard the recovery progress can contact this tol free line : 1-800-88-5252, or email SYABAS.

Estimated over 1 million citizen of KL and Selangor will be affected by clean-up work. The disruption start on Tuesday at 8:00 am, and will back to normal on Sunday. It take 5-6 days to complete the work.

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