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Story of Fifi Athirah & a Bangla

This article gone viral on Facebook. And later on it had been investigated for its genuineness. So this is not yet another bluff story. Fifi Athirah herself has made a police report regard the sexual disruption case.

Here’s the English translation of what she has posted.

Today I called gas service. A male bangla reached to house.

Bangla : “You stay alone?”

Me: “No I’m married . I’m waiting for husband to come back from work.”

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PS4 Malaysia prices from RM1799

Gamers attention! PS4 confirmed to reach Malaysia on 20th of December 2013. The announcement of entering Malaysia market made by Sony Asia.

Pre-order online can be made starting 13 of December on Sony Store. Offline pre-order is available at selected Sony store. So far we only know 2 shop that’s Sony store KLCC and The Curve open for pre-order. Maybe very soon you can order from other retailer.

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Flat PKNS Kg Kerinchi terbakar

Flat PKNS Kg Kerinchi terbakar. The incident happens about 4:40 pm, 6 units were collapsed by the fire on floor of 17th, which is the most top level.

The fire rescues team were late to destination due to high traffic jam on road. The team arrived on 5:30 something.

Flat PKNS Kg Kerinchi on fire

Flat PKNS Kg Kerinchi terbakar

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BB1M 2014 requirements and date of release

BB1M (1Malaysia Book Voucher) 2014 will be continue to be given to IPT students to assist them in getting reading and study material.

date of release of BB1M 4

The date of release will be on early of the year 2014. The exact date of the release is ambiguous for now, likewise in the future because  last year it depends on the IPT itself. Different date for each IPT.

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