7 traits of a successful person by Jack Ma

In December 2015, Jack Ma of Alibaba group had just outranked Li Ka ShingLi Ka Shing to become Asia No.1 richest. He’s a world class speaker especially in speaking of motivating speech and sharing self-development knowledge on the stage.

“The first step is to choose and the second step is to insist. The following third and forth steps are still to insist. Always look on the bright side. “

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BRIM 2015 to distribute starting 28 January

For those who are qualified as a BRIM (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) receiver, you may receive the first payment on the 28 January of 2015. Most of the transaction of BRIM 2015 will be done through online banking. To ensure every candidates to participate in receiving the payment through bank, the government had urged the applicants to open a bank account and submit their bank detail online. There are more than 17 supported banks, check out this bank list.

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7 solid reasons to refuse BR1M 2015

We discourage you to claim your BR1M as if BR1M the only one thing that you think you’ll be dreaming about for the entire year of 2015. Fast cash is amazing to have but in order to achieve sustainable asset, definitely the handout will not help much in the long run for individuals. Previously we wrote 6 smart ways spending your BR1M, now let’s get some inspiration by reverse thinking the negative side of the short term free cash. Thanks to Dr. M in his blog he pointed out few solid reasons why he disagreed with the scheme. Continue reading

Government is implementing BR1M Card

In 2012, BR1M opens only for low-income earner but the scheme has broaden its audience. The financial aid starts to target young working adult who’s aged 21 year-old and above as well. Lately, the government is considering to prepare BR1M card for all the benefiters in the future.

Although the government put a lots of effort into improving this scheme, the opposition parties are still trying to accuse by blaming the government is trying to bride the citizen for the sake of their votes. They claim BR1M is a kind of political game to gain supporters.

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5 tips doing Kemaskini BR1M

It has been 3 days the registration and kemaskini BR1M opened but surprisingly we received mostly complains in our facebook page. The applicants unlike last year, who was more clam and rational on the issues of overloaded online BR1M system. As most of the recipients of BR1M 2015 are existing applicants, we expect they know the limitation and difficulties of the government handling a major event but it seems to be the opposite based on the response we’ve heard.

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