GST will not burden the people said Prime Minister

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to assure the setup of Good and Services Tax (GST) which will be effective starting the coming April in 2015 won’t load any individuals.

He stressed that developing is solid and the duty program was used about 90-percent of the planet have to be implemented to make sure continual economic development.

He explained the federal government didn’t apply the GST tax program in a rush, however it has been analyzed because the government knew it provide the people and also the nation with huge advantages.

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GST vs current Income Tax and Support Tax

GST vs current Income Tax and Support Tax, what is the differences?

1. Individual in comparison to several stages

Unlike the current Malaysia sales tax and repair tax, GST is usually billed on the intake of products

or solutions at every level of the provide sequence, with the tax pressure eventually carried by the end

customer. This several tax levels function of GST is the essential modify from the existing single-
stage Malaysia sales tax and repair tax billed at only one level of the provide sequence.

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Airsia on board Wi-Fi is NOT free

It’s confirmed that the on board Wi-Fi service by Airasia is not free. It’s expected not to be a free service since this project took 5 years in making. Airasia now is doing the testing and it’s expected to launch in end of this year.

Not all of the flight will equipped with Wi-Fi. The first batch of flights that have in-flight Wi-Fi come with the code ‘AK’. This product then will be available progressively.

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Popular Question of Malaysia Income Tax 2014

Of a truth, due to the new approach of Malaysia Income Tax 2014, people have been asking lots of question. Though, this article will give you hints on some question yet, you need to leverage a service of tax management expert.

Below are some of the regular questions from the Malaysia citizens with recommended resolves.

Popular Question of Malaysia Income Tax 2014

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Malaysia government study whether to close Facebook

Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek from the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia said the Malaysia government will conduct studies whether to close down facebook as cases of abuse involving in the social networking site.

The government is collecting the views from the public as well. Up until now, there were about 2000 abuse cases reported to the authority. However, as the site has 15 million plus account in Malaysia, that small amount of abuse cases is far than enough to be the reason why the social networking site to be closed.

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Why join ‘Hari Boikot McDonald’ Malaysia’ this friday?

Tomorrow, 8/8/2014 would be the ‘Hari Boikot McDonald Malaysia’. Some claimed McDonald Malaysia is funding Israel.

We are not surprise to see there were already number of democracy in front of McDonald especially KL. We assumed there were already prejudices toward Israel among the Malaysian. This can be seen when Gaza was attacked last time.

They are also boycott other brands like :

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