BR1M might come in the form of card in 2015

To educate the people to be more wise on spending the 1Malaysia iad BR1M, the government is conducting researches on how should the aid to be distributed.

Alliance Banking Group chief economist, Manokaran Mottain also said BR1M could results unproductive spending. The economist suggested that the government could look into the possibility of offering low-income households a discount card to buy their daily essentials to replace 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M).

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What you should know about the current Malaysia Personal Income Tax

Are you still unaware of the recent development on Malaysia personal Income tax? Indeed, this

One of the obvious developments in the Malaysia personal income tax is the updated rebates and social relief.

Of a truth, if you are ignorant of this tax reduction in personal income tax, you may be paying more than you ought to be paying. You need to be conscious of rules governing personal income tax in order to avoid tax.

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Government to revive BR1M 4.0 for better implementation

Indeed, the impact of 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M 4.0) to the needy, oppressed, less-privileged and low income earners can never been overemphasized. This aid has really serves as a succour to many disadvantaged persons and has eventually restored hope to many families. Unfortunately, the exact plan for this life-helping mission had not been meeting up with the expectation it was planned for. In that regard, the government is really eager to revitalize and establish a more suitable means of implementing and administrating this aid program to the oppressed people.

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Permohonan passport Malaysia kali pertama

What should you prepare for Permohonan passport Malaysia kali pertama?

- If you are an adult, just bring along your IC and cash and go to UTC in your area. Beginning year 2014, the upgraded system allow you to take photograph on the spot, just make sure you wear collar shirt. There is no charge for the photograph service.

You must photocopy your IC and bring along your original IC if you are applying for the first time.

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BR1M 4.0 to be paid in monthly?

Previously for BR1M 1,2 and 3 is being paid once a year. Lately government is conducting a study whether in the future BRIM should be given out monthly or on yearly basis.

This study to come out with a system that would be able to help and educate the benefiters to spend the money more wisely throughout the year.

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Economists sceptical about BR1M 2015 helps in alleviating poverty

Economists sceptical about BR1M’s help in alleviating poverty Economists are quite skeptical with the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) aid. Even as the BR1M 2015 subsidy cuts continue to widen its popularity, economists warn that introduction of the BR1M is not a step steered towards the right direction.

The renowned economist for the UM Centre for Poverty and Development studies Fatimah Kari uttered that the BR1M cash handouts do not inspire incentives for people to climb out of poverty, nor does it provide a holistic and long lasting social protection programme. She said “I personally am skeptical about the BR1M 2015 aids and I believe the Government should provide an exit plan for BR1M, one which will provide comprehensive social programmes through which the poor can access jobs, education and public health.

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