BR1M 2015: Kemaskini Maklumat Pemohon

You shall receive a notice letter by December to inform that you can update (Kemaskini Maklumat BR1M) your info for BR1M 2015.

A friendly reminder from us for those who insist to reject BR1M aid from the government. BR1M 2015 unlike the previous handout, because it’s reported that only children of BR1M applicants qualify to apply full loan for PTPTN.

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Open letter of a Bujang on BR1M 2015

I’m Mohd Safi, 25, a bujang (single) originating from Kedah and I’m still looking for a permanent stay in kuala lumpur. In this article I would like to express my views on Bujang BR1M 2015 which will be given by the government very soon.

Firstly I would like the responsible one to know that not all of the bujang in Malaysia are lazy and did not have a heart to advance. The reasons why we are struggling and complaining most of the time is because there are various factors that brought difficulties to us. Continue reading

6 smart ways to spend your BR1M

You may ask what can be done with RM350? Many people disbelieve the little amount of BR1M 2015. This can be seen even before the distribution of the money, as people are whining the amount is too little and doesn’t help much.  But that small money will produce great values if you spend it smartly on the right things.

Instead of complaining the GST why not we think a bit more how to use the BR1M wisely. It’s funny to see some people bought unnecessary items with BR1M and then blame on the government when they have financial shortage.  Chris Gardner once broke and homeless, but eventually he became one of the most well-known CEO and was earning billions. What is your excuses to complain? Time to fix your mindset and move on.

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Successful life requires you to accomplished these 3 tasks

Guo Tai-Ming, (or Terry Guo) a Taiwanese tycoon who used to work in a rubber factory, grinding wheel factory and pharmaceutical factory. How did he do that?

The story of Guo Tai-Ming
You will be rewarded with a successful life if you can accomplish these 3 tasks in your life.

‘ My father was a police officer and of course a good father. He taught us to be contented and happy with what we have and not to take things that are not belonged to us. We didn’t have our own house, all we had was a wicker chair, but we didn’t consider ourselves as a poor person.’ said Guo Tai-Ming. According to him, the ways we should behave are the following : Continue reading