PR1MA to open registration beginning 8 September 2014

Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia once again to open online registration starting 8 September 2014. This batch involves about 80,000 units to grab. The price of these houses range from RM100, 000 to RM400,000.

The qualification for PR1MA is family household income less than RM7500 a month. But it’s not guarantee that you will get the house. Once you submitted the application, they will make a random draw at your chosen area.

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People expects better channels to communicate for BR1M 2015

It’s July and some benefiters were just saying their appreciation on BR1M facebook fanpage that they had gotten their appeal and cash into the bank. It’s a good thing people found the channel to stay connected. In the next BR1M, people wanted so badly more working channels to communicate, discuss and to know the status of their application. We were receiving massive of  question in blog’s comment section and in page, but unfortunately most of them just left unanswered. This is because those 2 places weren’t the place to do so, we meant people is expecting government to establish more effective communication channels during the period of the giving of the 1Malaysia aid.

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12 1Malaysia Incentive programmes that you might not know

When we talk about 1Malaysia incentive you might thought of BR1M, but actually there are other 12 programmes that you might not know. The government has been trying to come out with a plan that can cover the needs of every entity in the country.

One of the most successful scheme rather than BR1M is 1Malaysia health clinics. It has helped more than 1.5 million people by charging a low cost medical fee for the needy.

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Kiki Kamaruddin aka Gadis Peugeot apologized

Video of a car accident in Kuantan which involving a girl raging became prevalent topic on the internet. The main character Kiki Kamaruddin aka Girl Peugeot through the social media channel had apologize for her hasty actions.

Regarding the viral video, Kiki was asking people to give a chance as the future of her children. Kiki also tell the media to eliminate the video from the internet.

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Sunway Lagoon student promo July 2014

Sunway Lagoon is running promo for student until 27 July 2014. You must bring along your valid student ID and the benefiters of this promo only for students. You cannot claim the buy 1 free 1 for non-student, both party must be student who are still studying in college / university.

Student card is non-transferable. Also this promo cannot be combo with other promo / discount rate like myKad promotion or group buy functions.

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