The people suggestion in BR1M 2015

Although there were many complaints for the process of the application of BR1M but we believed most of the applicants has received what they deserved in the end. Only small portion of the applicants did not submit or do not own a bank account to received the money directly. Perhaps more people will take the urges when the government in this time gave the priority to those who have bank detail for the payment. For your information, cash vouchers recipients shall received the aid slightly.

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PTPTN Loan Alternative : SPP1M

SPP1M stands for Skim Prihatin Pendidikan 1 Malaysia which is a funding scheme for deserving students who want to pursue academic qualifications. It is meant as top-up funding for other scholarships or loans which are already implemented. For instance, those students who are already benefiting of a PTPTN loan or of other type of scholarship can also apply for SPP1M if the existing financing does not cover their needs and if they are eligible. Continue reading