Government is implementing BR1M Card

In 2012, BR1M opens only for low-income earner but the scheme has broaden its audience. The financial aid starts to target young working adult who’s aged 21 year-old and above as well. Lately, the government is considering to prepare BR1M card for all the benefiters in the future.

Although the government put a lots of effort into improving this scheme, the opposition parties are still trying to accuse by blaming the government is trying to bride the citizen for the sake of their votes. They claim BR1M is a kind of political game to gain supporters.

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5 tips doing Kemaskini BR1M

It has been 3 days the registration and kemaskini BR1M opened but surprisingly we received mostly complains in our facebook page. The applicants unlike last year, who was more clam and rational on the issues of overloaded online BR1M system. As most of the recipients of BR1M 2015 are existing applicants, we expect they know the limitation and difficulties of the government handling a major event but it seems to be the opposite based on the response we’ve heard.

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Panduan Kemaskini BR1M 2015 Online

Kemaskini BR1M 2015 Online is for those who had applied BR1M before; If you want to make a new application, refer to this post for guidance.

In this post we’ll show you how to update your details. One of the most popular question asked by our reader  – is it compulsory to kemaskini as my detail remain unchanged? So far from what we’d heard is that failure to kemaskini may result in your application being not processed. So we urge you all to remind each other to update before end of this month (December 2014).

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Poor residents live without problems with BR1M

Poor residents in Malaysia could live without financial problems for their basics because of the BR1M incentive.

This is a guest post by someone who like to be anonymous. I feel thankful to introduce myself as one of the fulfilled receivers of the financial aid namely BR1M.

I have been living in George Town, Penang. I lost my left leg in a road accident that happened two decades ago. Due to that accident, I could not work as I had worked before. I tried some businesses with the financial support from local lenders. However, I failed to make profits since I had different needs and pain. I had decided to choose a work that suitable to my physique. Now, I have been working in a small-scale company. I received RM950 BR1M since I have been getting less than RM2000 from my work.

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