Malaysia time world cup 2014 schedule

Staying up late tips for Malaysian football fans :

- Avoid coffee, take fruits instead. It’s good for your body.

- Minimum coffee is fine.

- Never lay down to stay awake.

- Do some activities that require thinking to distract yourself from being sleepy, like playing mobile games

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Thomas cup 2014 final : Malaysia vs Japan

Thomas cup 2014 final : Malaysia vs Japan

After a 12 year long wait finally Malaysia managed to get a spot into the final in the Thomas Cup. Malaysia team beat Indonesia easily with aggregate of 3-0.

Malaysia will encounter with Japan in the Siri Fort Arena, India.

Malaysia’s badminton superstar Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated Tommy Sugiarto 21-19, 21-13 in the first singles while first doubles Tan Bo on Heong/Hoon Thien How chalked a victory over world no.1 double Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan 21-19, 8-21, 32-21. Continue reading

BR1M 2015 to cause inflation said economist

KUALA LUMPUR: The 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) has helped low income earners with the increasing cost of living, but its continuance will further “cause” inflation in the system, said an economist.

Instead BR1M had pushed consumer costs to higher amounts, said BIMB Securities economist Imran Nurginias Ibrahim, of supplying a multiplier effect on the real side of the market.

“Although it’s well received and very popular, BR1M is, in part, fuelling an inflation phenomena, including demand-induced inflation, as traders and firms take advantage by increasing their costs, as can be found in recent months.”

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Permohonan rayuan BR1M extended until 31 May

BR1M batch 2014 appeal application has been extended until 31 May. Until 20th of April, about 246,000 appeal applications were submitted.

“So on this appeal, they must enclose supporting documents together with the BR1M appeal form to prove that they are in eligible for the BR1M aid assistance,” Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan told the reporter today.

“Until now, the government is allocating RM3.4 billion to about 6.5 million BR1M recipients across the country, so any individuals who feel they are entitled to receive the aid please appeal before May 31,” he said.

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Semakan Keputusan Matrikulasi Sesi 2014/2015

Semakan Keputusan Matrikulasi Sesi 2014/2015

For SPM candidates who have made application for Matriculation programme (Matrikulasi), you can check the result on 24 of April, Thursday.

For successful candidates of session 2014/2015, you are required to bring along two copies of offer letter, guide registration form, student information form and agreement form.

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BR1M might come in the form of card in 2015

To educate the people to be more wise on spending the 1Malaysia iad BR1M, the government is conducting researches on how should the aid to be distributed.

Alliance Banking Group chief economist, Manokaran Mottain also said BR1M could results unproductive spending. The economist suggested that the government could look into the possibility of offering low-income households a discount card to buy their daily essentials to replace 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M).

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What you should know about the current Malaysia Personal Income Tax

Are you still unaware of the recent development on Malaysia personal Income tax? Indeed, this

One of the obvious developments in the Malaysia personal income tax is the updated rebates and social relief.

Of a truth, if you are ignorant of this tax reduction in personal income tax, you may be paying more than you ought to be paying. You need to be conscious of rules governing personal income tax in order to avoid tax.

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