Minority to receive BR1M voucher until end of March

1Malaysia People’s Assistance (BR1M) is likely to be spread from 15 Jan to all the recipients who had been updating their info during the end of last year.

The application of BR1M however is still opening until the end  of next month. The primary payment on January 15, involving 4.9 million people while the circulation will be on 12 Feb, which is likely to cover about 2.9 million recipients.

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Thank you for BR1M said recipients

Due to new challenges in the new year and the increase of cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, many of the recipients of BR1M are grateful for the BR1M handout which has been starting to distribute the last 15th  of this month. 

Halijah said BR1M has helped her in acquiring medical assistances and reduces the burden to raise her kids.

“It’s good that the BR1M is given stage by stage as the economy of our country is not stable. If it’s given one time, the money will be gone very fast.” said Halijah.

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Members received BR1M payment as earlier as 12/1

Some of the members from our BR1M Facebook page reported that they had gotten their BR1M payment through bank this morning. So far, banks which were paying as earlier as 12th January included CIMB, RHB, Maybank and BSN.

However some Maybank users still did not received anything yet. Majority mem bers from Sabah and Sarawak also has yet to receive the BR1M aid. You can check your BR1M status to know the result of your application. If your result shows ‘dalam proses’, it doesn’t mean you will not receive anything. Some of the members claimed they received the money in their bank although the system says it’s still processing it. So just go and check your bank through online banking.

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Bayaran BR1M 2015 starting 15 January

BR1M is going to be disbursed starting Jan 15 instead of end of the month of Jan due to the flood happening in several states. The payment of Jan is the first installment for household category recipient. The rest will be paid on May and September later.

Regarding this brought forward matter, the second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni said the government is considering the difficulties facing the flood victims, especially the BR1M recipients.

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Pesawat AirAsia QZ8501 Hilang

An aircraft of AirAsia Indonesia crashed into the east coast of Sumatera, the news reported.

Indonesian Ministry of Transportation official media quoted that the AirAsia plane – QZ8501 went missing since t  his morning at the time of 7:17am. The flight was flying from Surabaya to Singapore.

In AirAsia’s Facebook page, a dark color logo were uploaded after the company confirmed the incident. At 7:24 (23:24 GMT), the plane lost contact with the air traffic control. The plane had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact and that the weather had been cloudy.

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