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BR1M 2016 – RM400, RM800 dan RM1000

BR1M 2016 sah naik!

Menyedari kesusahan rakyat terutama golongan yang berpendapatan rendah dan serdehana, kerajaan komited membantu dengan menyediakan bantuan kewangan BR1M (bantuan rakyat 1malaysia) tahun 2016.

Perdana Menteri hari ini semasa pembentangan bajet 2016 telah mengumumkan berita baik kepada semua penerima BR1M. BR1M yang bakal membuka permohonannya telah diperbaharui dengan jumlah yang lebih tinggi. Continue reading

Rayuan BRIM can be made starting March

Those who failed to get their BRIM approved can now do the appeal (Rayuan BR1M) in LDHN. We advise you not to wait until the end of the month of March because we expects there will be crowds over the counter of LDHN branches.

Besides that,  If you haven’t gotten your BRIM credit in your bank, you can also claim the money at BSN branches. Probably you have given the wrong account number, you may know this when checking your BRIM status, you see ‘kredit tidak berjaya’ in the system.

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Contest BR1M 2016 : RM500 to be won!

For an improved BR1M 2016, All bloggers are invited to play a part in contributing a couple of ideas or further thoughts with regards to the BR1M aid, which considered will still be made possible by the government in the upcoming years. Bloggers, you now have the opportunity to show to the world just how creative your thoughts are and inspire those who are struggling to live.. 

bantuanrakyat1malaysia.com as being the has taken this opportunity to finance a contest.

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