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7 solid reasons to refuse BR1M 2015

We discourage you to claim your BR1M as if BR1M the only one thing that you think you’ll be dreaming about for the entire year of 2015. Fast cash is amazing to have but in order to achieve sustainable asset, definitely the handout will not help much in the long run for individuals. Previously we wrote 6 smart ways spending your BR1M, now let’s get some inspiration by reverse thinking the negative side of the short term free cash. Thanks to Dr. M in his blog he pointed out few solid reasons why he disagreed with the scheme. Continue reading

Vote Buying Is Not The Aim of BR1M

Giving out the 1 Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) and the promises by the BN to increase the amount received by Malaysians is not to be seen as the buying of votes in the case of a win in the next general election, said an official from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). The deputy director from the investigation department of the MACC, Han Chee Rull, has been reported as saying. The topic came up during a conference Q & A session which took place in Kuala Lumpur today, regarding the 13th general election that is coming up.

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BR1M 2015 will be paid 3 times annually

So here it comes a better version of BR1M – at least to discourage BR1M recipients to simply spend their allowances on the unnecessary things, it’s confirmed that BR1M 2015 will be paid 3 times for next year. The recipients shall receive they payment in January, Mei and September 2015.

This was announced by our PM in today’s in the Bajet 2015. The amount of the allowances has gone up as well. Unlike last year, this time the eligibility has been broaden to the families who earn RM4000 or below a month.

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The people suggestion in BR1M 2015

Although there were many complaints for the process of the application of BR1M but we believed most of the applicants has received what they deserved in the end. Only small portion of the applicants did not submit or do not own a bank account to received the money directly. Perhaps more people will take the urges when the government in this time gave the priority to those who have bank detail for the payment. For your information, cash vouchers recipients shall received the aid slightly.

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