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7.2 million Permohonan BR1M lulus

7.2 million Malaysian got their permohonan BR1M approved (lulus). Datuk Chua who is the Deputy Finance Minister said 7.2 million application approved out of 8.4 million applicants for permohonan BR1M 2015.

Selangor state had received the most at RM726 million ringgit. The total distribution for all applicants had cost RM 5.2 billion ringgit.

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BRIM 2015 to distribute starting 28 January

For those who are qualified as a BRIM (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) receiver, you may receive the first payment on the 28 January of 2015. Most of the transaction of BRIM 2015 will be done through online banking. To ensure every candidates to participate in receiving the payment through bank, the government had urged the applicants to open a bank account and submit their bank detail online. There are more than 17 supported banks, check out this bank list.

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