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Senarai barangan yang tidak dikenakan GST

Mulai 1 April 2015, GST dilaksanakan di Malaysia. Rata-rata barangan termasuk barang keperluan harian kelihatan kenaikan harga tetapi tahukah anda senarai barangan yang tidak dikenakan GST? Barangan dalam kumpulan yang dikecualikan GST ini digelar Zero-rated. Tujuan pengenalan pengecualian ini ialah untuk meringankan beban rakyat.

Berikut ialah barangan yang tidak dikenakan GST :

1. Bahan makanan keperluan harian seperti beras, gula, garam, tepung gandum, minyak masak, kicap dan sebagainya.

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Items price drop after GST

GST is going to go to live after April onward. Before April there will be many vouchers or brochures reaching to you. But do you know there are items that will not only being sell without GST, but promised a price drop after the GST implementation period?

This is because for certain items the sales and service tax are higher than the 6% GST. Our minister of finance Ahmad bin Haji Maslan through twitter has announced 20 items that will become cheaper after GST. 

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GST impacts on business and company

There is a possibility of GST lowering the cost since the input that is paid can be reclaimed. Whereas before were added on the expenses thereby increasing the cost of operating a business enterprise with compliance with GST, these costs may be lowered thereby reducing the operation costs. In the event that the business running costs have steadily reduced, there are two options that you can pursue namely.

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GST will not burden the people said Prime Minister

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to assure the setup of Good and Services Tax (GST) which will be effective starting the coming April in 2015 won’t load any individuals.

He stressed that developing is solid and the duty program was used about 90-percent of the planet have to be implemented to make sure continual economic development.

He explained the federal government didn’t apply the GST tax program in a rush, however it has been analyzed because the government knew it provide the people and also the nation with huge advantages.

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GST vs current Income Tax and Support Tax

GST vs current Income Tax and Support Tax, what is the differences?

1. Individual in comparison to several stages

Unlike the current Malaysia sales tax and repair tax, GST is usually billed on the intake of products

or solutions at every level of the provide sequence, with the tax pressure eventually carried by the end

customer. This several tax levels function of GST is the essential modify from the existing single-
stage Malaysia sales tax and repair tax billed at only one level of the provide sequence.

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