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Many still prefer to receive BR1M Incentive

Although there were many criticisms regard to abolishment of the subsidized RON95, our PM Najib gave few solid reasons why the action is good for future. He said through the subsidy savings, the government would be able to increase the allocations specifically for the development for the country.

“Just imagine we save up to RM10 to RM20 billion every year. From there we will have extra provisions for the other important sectors, to strengthen the socio-economic development for the country. Continue reading

SR1M : Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia

Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia (SR1M) is one of the new product under 1Malaysia brand, offering much cheaper telco rate to help the low-income earners in Malaysia, to encourage the uses of smart phones and communication technologies.

SR1M is said to have a quality which is comparable to other brands that provide the same services (Digi, Celcom, Maxis etc) in Malaysia.

The target users of SR1M will be the low and middle income group who live in rural or urban areas. Young people would be the second potential target groups to enjoy this low rates Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia.

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BN’s Changes are being enjoyed

The benefits from the long awaited transformation programmes that have been implemented and carried out by the Barisan Nasional Government during the course of the last three years, are now being unanimously and enthusiastically enjoyed by the all of the people of the country, said Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“During the last three years alone, real change has been seen taking place and the people of this country are noticing. Imagine what we can accomplish if we have another five years to work on it. We can definitely continue to make even more chang es and come up with many more ideas, so believe and trust totally in our promises that we are making. These promises are either fulfilled, or will be,” said Najib during his speech at the launching of the Malacca Urban Transformation Centre (UTC), and “Janji Ditepati”.

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