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Poor residents live without problems with BR1M

Poor residents in Malaysia could live without financial problems for their basics because of the BR1M incentive.

This is a guest post by someone who like to be anonymous. I feel thankful to introduce myself as one of the fulfilled receivers of the financial aid namely BR1M.

I have been living in George Town, Penang. I lost my left leg in a road accident that happened two decades ago. Due to that accident, I could not work as I had worked before. I tried some businesses with the financial support from local lenders. However, I failed to make profits since I had different needs and pain. I had decided to choose a work that suitable to my physique. Now, I have been working in a small-scale company. I received RM950 BR1M since I have been getting less than RM2000 from my work.

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Rayuan Permohonan BR1M LHDN

Appeal is open for those who didn’t make it to be a qualified recipient of BR1M 2014. Rayuan Permohonan BR1M 3.0 can be made at your nearby LHDN branch.

Meanwhile for those who had submitted their bank detail but yet to receive anything, you should have receive your payment not later on 25 February, Monday.

“We are still in the process of crediting the payment and everything should be done no later than Monday. So far, all goes well and we hope there are no interruptions during the process. However, we have set up an emergency plan if any disruptions in our system, “

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